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Determine your size

The perfect shirt starts with determining your measurements. Our methods have a perfect fit accuracy of 90%. If the shirt is not completely to your liking, we will solve it free of charge.

On location

We come to your house or work without obligation, to fully measure you up

Insira os seus dados e entraremos em contacto para agendar a visita.

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Is a measurement appointment free of charge?

Yes, there are no costs associated with the measurement agreement. Not even when you want to update your measurements as an existing customer.

How long does a measurement appointment take?

The meeting appointment lasts about 30 minutes. At an appointment your measurements are measured, your wishes are discussed and you can view our range of fabrics in a calm way.

Can I see the fabrics during the appointment?

Yes, our measurement specialist takes all of our fabrics to the appointment so that you get a good picture of the quality and the assortment.

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