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About our factory

It’s crucial to us that all of our employees, and the production process they sustain on a daily basis, is in safe hands. That’s why – together with a local partner – we have our own atelier in Vietnam, which specializes in producing tailor-made shirts.

Working conditions

The ShirtbyHand atelier consists of 60 staff members that work under fair conditions. This entails a secure and pleasant working atmosphere, a workweek that lasts a maximum of 45 hours, a spatial environment with modern equipment, and an income that’s 20 percent higher than the regional standard.

— Toan, official partner Production Company ShirtbyHand Vietnam

“At the atelier we produce exclusively for ShirtbyHand.com, making unique shirts for unique people.”

You are welcome

Transparency and integrity are of essential importance to us. So just like you can always stop by our Lisbon office, you’re always welcome to pay a visit to the ShirtbyHand atelier and discover where your shirts are created.

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